This Mother's Day give the gift of Love, Peace & Tranquility to the very person closest to your heart. Body & Soul Retreat will transport Mom to the most relaxing and nurturing place imaginable.

Mother's Bliss

Mom’s choice of either a 75 min. Full Body Massage or Super Hydrating Sedona Mist Facial. $95.00 gratuities included.

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A Mother’s Love

75 min. Organic Facial followed by our 60 min. Body & Soul Hydrotherapy Pedicure. $167.00 gratuities included.

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A Time for Mom

75 min. Full Body Massage followed by a 90 min. Holistic Manicure & Holistic Hydrotherapy Pedicure. $186.00 gratuities included.

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Pure Greatness

75 min. Full Body Massage followed by a 75 min. Hydrating Sedona Mist Facial. $191.00 gratuities included.

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For All The Miracles

75 min. Full Body Massage, followed by an invigorating 75 min. Organic Facial, then a 60 min. Hydrotherapy Pedicure. $262.00 gratuities included.

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