expedite check-in

We would like to get to know you a little better. Our online Screening forms saves time and will  deliver you to a treatment table sooner. Providing current and past health history information is required and assists your therapist in providing you with the best possible body work.
Print and complete the Intake Form (The form is not a fill in form).
There are 3 methods to submitting a completed Intake Form.
•   Submit the completed form at check in.
•   Scan the completed form and email to bnsretreat@gmail.com
•   Scan the completed form, to your account and upload the form to your "Documents" folder.
*Clients under the age of 18 must obtain Parental/Guardian consent prior to receiving Massage Therapy or Skin Care Therapy.

Massage Intake Form
Skin Care Intake Form

For clients with previous visits within the past 30 days

Massage Short Form
Skin Care Short Form