Experience the most skilled body workers in the most serene & tranquil space imaginable. Our Spa Memberships are simply designed to allow our clients to participate in a promotional spa program with recurring monthly billing. Monthly therapy sessions paid automatically with your credit card. Each session credit issued is valid for twelve months. No missed or lost sessions, no hidden fees or stipulations. A wonderful "One of a kind" hassle free program.

"The Soul Massage" Memberships

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Monthly therapy in your very own private haven. Gratuities not included.
Couple's enjoy monthly side-by-side therapy sessions. Gratuities not included.
Full hour body work sessions. Gratuities not included.
60 min. Knot busting, stress killer sessions. Gratuities not included.
Now we're talk'n. Gratuities not included.

Customized Memberships

Here are a few of our most popular therapy sessions transformed into a monthly schedule. 
Utilizing prenatal therapy tables. Yes, laying face down through month 9. Gratuities not included.
A wonderful & nourishing signature skincare session. Best of the Best! Gratuities not included.

The "Zen" Membership

Each month, choose between a 50 min. zen facial, foot reflexology, full body massage or cranio sacral therapy session. The choice is yours. Gratuities not included.

Membership Perks

  • Super discounts on therapy sessions.
  • Sessions "Roll Over" and are valid for one year.
  • 30 day notice to cancel without charge or penalties.
  • Share sessions with family members.
  • Extended session time at $1.00 per minute.
  • Available upgrades include deep tissue, stones and prenatal therapy.
  • Stack or combine accumulated sessions.
  • Online account access and appointment scheduling.