Soulmate Promotions

April's Micro-Derm Promotion

This micro dermabrasion session includes an elastin collagen treatment. Followed by a warm foot scrub. 90 min. / $99. Reg. $135. Gratuities not included.

Glycolic Hydro Pedicure

$40.00 Gratuities not included.


Rose's Promotions

Start with a hydrotherapy zen pedicure followed by a gel manicure. 75 minutes, $45.00 gratuities not included. 

Nex-Gen Manicure with free "Hombre" Polish. Gratuities not included. $30.00.

Martine's Full Body Massage & Foot Reflexology

Martine's 90 minute session includes full bodywork including Hand & Foot Reflexology. $99.00 Gratuities not included.

Jack's Quick Fix Bodywork

Jack is offering strategic bodywork targeting existing ailments that we encounter daily. Pinpointing specific areas with several ancient bodywork techniques. 30 minute session $45.00 gratuities not included.

Maria's Customized Sedona Mist Facial

Maria's custom Sedona Mist facial includes a 30 min. foot accu-pressure session. 90 min. / $99.00 Gratuities not included.

Denise's Full Set of Acrylics

Enjoy a full set of acrylic nails, stilleo, coffin or any shape for just $30.00. Include a hydrotherapy zen pedicure for $30.00. Gratuities not included.

"Gratitude" with Anurag

Indulge with this super hydrating Organic Aroma Facial with Raindrop therapy foot techniques. 80 min. / $95.00 gratuities not included.

Anurag also has a wonderful 90 min. facial session that includes a Foot Reflexology treat. 95.00 Gratuities not included. 

Cheryl's Apple Spice Pedicure

Book this wonderful apple spice flavored 60 minute hydrotherapy pedicure. $45.00 gratuities not included. 

Eyelash Extensions with Cheryl

Full set of Mink Lashes. $250.00 gratuities not included. 

Donica's Facial & Eyebrow Shaping

This is a super 60 min. hydrating sedona mist facial comes with a complimentary eyebrow shaping session. $75.00 gratuities not included. 

Lyna's AVEDA Chakra Journey

Lyna is one of our own AVEDA specialists and has created this luxurious aromatherapy ritual with strategic body work. Includes a 15 minutes of meditation with Chakra counseling. Gratuities not included. 


Donna's Chinese Cupping Session

With 23 years experience in ancient Chinese medicine. Donna has created this 60 min. cupping session that includes hot stones and herbal oils. $76.00 Gratuities not included. 

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